They rode off into the sunset. Not really. This is just what it felt like from my perspective. Let me go back and explain.

We were in Paris for a couple of days. Today was the day where we visited the well known shopping avenue, Champs Élysées. The possibilities were endless; we could shop, walk, eat, and explore. Never did I think we would end up in front of all of those expensive shops and cars alone and kind of afraid.

There were luxury cars everywhere. They were very sleek and nice, and definitely out of my price range.


Imagine my surprise when some guy starts asking my friends and I want to ride around in it (with a fee, of course). What teenager wouldn’t want to ride around in a Ferrari in Paris? But, I was scared. As we were with a school group, we weren’t really supposed to leave. What if something bad happened? One of us would have to tell the teacher. What if it had to be me? “Bonjour Madame, we paid a stranger to let us in his nice car and unfortunately…” That conversation would not end well.

Anyway, the guy started giving us more information. We could split the cost and we then go on a twenty minute ride. A problem presented itself then. Only three people could go. All of them made a decision so quickly, took out their money, paid, and picked a car. I just stood there almost astounded. Was this really happening? I wasn’t going, was I?

They were leaving me. They left some of their belongings with me and got into that car. I watched as they left my vision slowly and surely. I watched as they drove off (into the sunset) full of joy and excitement, happiness and wonder, their worry-free faces bright with beaming smiles. The exact opposite of what I was feeling. All I could think was “Geez, this really just happened.”

So, you see, they did ride off. Maybe not in the way I first explained, but my exaggerated visual representation is fully understandable when we look at what really happened. 🙂


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