Aviary Photo_131175125620010859
        I ❤ Plants. Juliana, 2016.

When you have an assignment like this one, it’s interesting to see how it ties into your day-to-day life. Somehow my observations, reasoning, and choices were all impacted because of one tiny, little plant. ☘

Let me start off with my observations. Throughout the week, I recognized many different things regarding the plant. The first being obvious characteristics like color and size, which were negatively impacted as the week went on. Also as the week progressed, the observations left the large-scale of things, and really got into the little details. I noticed things like the very slightly pointed edges around the leafs of the plant, the overall simple structure of the plant, and its condition.

Through these observations, I found myself looking for reasoning and found myself questioning my perspective. 
And so, the questions began.

How exactly did it grow and live? How did it die? How do the veins aid in the plant’s survival? How can this object hold so much beauty? I wondered why this tiny little thing really had me thinking, and why I cared for it. Do I know any latin names for plants? How many types of plants are there? How do all plants thrive and survive? How often do I take a plant’s life? How often do others?

Most of the answers came slowly, but surely, and some not at all. Some even prompted new questions. The questions prompted new ideas, thoughts, and actions. 

I remembered that I had my own plant, and that I had left it back at home. Was it even still alive? I also watched a comedic video where a girl deemed herself an  “Indoor Plant Serial Killer,” and wondered if I should do the same. 

I also asked my younger sister to draw something for me. And imagine my surprise when she drew something that had been on my mind the whole week-plants. (See picture above).

Who would’ve thought that picking up a little plant could do this much to me?





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