Ruin. Grand, 2015.


The picture above showcases the Grand Roman Amphitheatre of Lyon, France. It may not be in the “perfect” condition it once began as, but its beauty still shows and stands. I feel like we are the same. There may be struggles and imperfections that try (and sometimes succeed) to tear me down, but if I stand, I can progress through experience- the good and the bad- much like the amphitheater.

Whether it be as a student, as a writer, or just as a person, my day to day challenges make me who I am today. They shape my ideas and thoughts, my actions, and my life; they shape me. Sometimes challenges and tribulations can try to strain us to keep us from accomplishing the things we want, the things we need. But we must remember that we are uninhibited, that we have no limits, no restraints. We are responsible for our future- what we do with it is our decision.

When life tries to bring me down, I stand and try to handle it. How can we do that though when life gets too rough, when negative thoughts want to take over, when we feel like we are out of place? We can take opportunities, we can take chances, and we can dream. Let go of the negativity. We cannot be our own ruin; I will not be.

Take pride in what you believe in and who you are; it makes you who you are. I want to do things I will be proud of later, things that will make me happy now and in the future. To do that I create art in any form- whether it be through my writing, through my words, or another creative form. Life is art and we are the artist.



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